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Jimmy just found out that Everly is pregnant. The good news is, it’s his baby, but the bad news is, she’s not convinced he’ll be a good father. Luckily, an alien invasion is about to hit their small town, forcing Jimmy to put everyone else’s needs before his own in order to save Everly, their unborn child and evidently, the entire galaxy.


Sure there's a demolition derby, a carnival and the fairly regular bar fights, but the acverage citizen has no idea what's hidden behind the vaulted doors of the super secret government facility on the edge of town.


20 years ago the Aurora Device crash landed in the desert. When scientists finally unlocked its power, opening a portal to the other side of the known galaxy, they make contact with a dark species known as the Kogg. Jimmy accidentally gets ahold of the device and unwittingly opens up a universe of problems.


Our story follows Jimmy, Everly, Johnny and Melanie as they have several run-ins with the police, the FBI, a friendly alien named Ben and a trusty dog named Rusty. Sign up below for our email list and learn more!