Behind the Rad

A little over a month ago we decided it was high time we shared every little thing about our lives with the public! It's not like facebook, apple and google don't know everything about us anyways right? No, but actually we wanted to tell our story, the "Freakin Rad" story, and make an honest account of what we are up to every day in attempt to make the best Youtube channel possible.

To check out behind the scenes at what we're up to here at Freakin Rad go to our new "BEHIND THE RAD" channel on Youtube!

We have a few episodes up already. This first one chronicles how we got started, the pain and struggles we had early on, and the joys we've had in the last 8 months.

Then we dove into showcasing how we made the "Rise of the Tomb Raider Live Action Trailer." And most recently we documented some cool events we attended, CVX, SLCC FanX and visiting "The VOID." It's been a pretty rad experience so far!