Uncharted 4 IRL

So the Freakin Rad Team got together this last month, concepted out and shot a short inspired by the gameplay of Uncharted. It was a crazy process!

The flow and cinematic style Uncharted is pretty amazing, especially as we started seeing things coming out for the newest release of "A Thief's End." But what works in a video game, and in a completely CG environment, can be pretty hard to replicate in a live action setting.

To solve this we decided that a one take video shot from a 3rd person perspective could only be accomplished if we had the right tools for the job. So armed with a DJI Inspire 1 and a whole lot of gumption, we set out to the desert and got our game on.

It's a huge goal of ours here at Freakin Rad, to create videos that are cinematic, but remain true to life to the sources that inspire them. As the comments have come in from other gamers it seems we may have been able to reach that goal, and that is incredibly fulfilling to us as a team. If you haven't seen it yet check out the full video!